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Documentaries and short films are ideal for businesses and corporations to educate, raise awareness and promote their products and services to internal and external audiences.  Experienced documentary filmmakers have the relevant skills in film production and marketing to make these productions successful tools for commercial use and to appeal to international audiences.

A seasoned documentary film production team thoroughly researches, writes, produces, directs, shoots and edits the final footage and presents interesting visual narrative stories with truthful and accurate information. A core approach is to develop a style and unique voice for each film, which is relative to each business and the subject matter. A good production team considers documentary film production to be an interactive and personal experience and commits to a hands-on approach to creating compelling stories that document the startup and growth of small, medium and large businesses. Services will include concept to completion production services, with a skilled and knowledgeable creative team that approaches each project with a 3-step mindset: pre-production, production, and post-production.

A successful video documentary project should begin with a planning, scripting and storyboarding stage, which is the all-important foundation for success – pre-production. Fully understanding the project, the goals and target audience is where the work really begins. From scouting for viable locations, securing the most appropriate equipment needed, to determining the best shooting angles and engaging seasoned talent, the team fully prepares a context in which to work to capture the raw footage needed to move forward to completion. Bringing the ideas to life in production and creating an impact is where expertise is key. During the post-production stages utilizing the latest industry-standard software allows for a full host of options — from lining up shots, to selecting and integrating sound, which is also key.

A good process is to examine each facet of the business and its history to determine what existing resources can be best used to present and document the message. Some important considerations include:

  • Are the officers or key individuals in the company best equipped to speak and present themselves on camera?
  • Is professional talent needed to narrate and tell your story?
  • What shooting locations will best represent the reality of the business operations?

In many cases a classical approach to documenting and presenting executive interviews and narrative stories that represent what goes on behind the scenes of a company or organization is the best approach. A documentary production can be designed to shape audience opinions and perceptions and persuade important buying decisions. Viewers should get an inside look through a footage that sets a tone, creates a mood and expresses the message in a visually appealing manner.

A business documentary should capture the pulse of an industry, group or movement and exposes what goes on behind the scenes and can be one of the most effective ways to spread a core business message to a wide audience. Productions are ideally used for:

  • Internet Broadcasting
  • Training Series
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions & Festivals
  • Corporate Events
  • Public Relations Events
  • Sales Presentations

JNL Media produces videos for small businesses, corporations, organizations and private clientele and delivers any format required, from DVD to digital for licensed distribution..