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When you have footage that you have filmed and you want to edit it, there is no reason to spend money on an editing program. iMovie and Movie Maker (from Apple and Windows, respectively) are free programs that can be used for video editing. They are both easy to use and have multiple options for you to choose from. Video editing can be hard, but with these programs you will have no problem editing your footage to your liking.

Free Options for editing a Movie

iMovie is a free video editor made for Mac and iOS products. It allows you to edit video clips, edit the sound, and add special effects.

Movie Maker is a free video editing software created by Microsoft and designed for Windows OS. It allows you to create and edit videos as well as publish your work to One Drive, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

Benefits of iMovie

  • You can create your own footage on iMovie to edit;
  • You can edit your video footage any way you like. Once you have created or imported a video you can cut footage out, add sound, add special effects, edit sound and add text to the film;
  • Bring items from others iOS programs—you can import documents from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iTunes and iPod touch.

Benefits of Movie Maker

  • It is very easy to use;
  • There are over 130 effects, titles, credits and transitions available;
  • Clips can be moved and repositioned;
  • You do not need experience to work this program.

Importance of Engaging the Audience

Photo of happy business people applauding at conference, focus oEvery video that is going to be played to an audience needs to be entertaining and informative. This ensures that those with short attention spans—especially during boring presentations—will be attentive to it. High quality and engaging videos will get views, contrary to choppy and poorly edited ones.

You can boost your engagement with visuals and special effects. If you incorporate content that is applicable to your audience, it will be more likely to capture their attention. If you are presenting a film or video on a topic that your audience cannot relate to, you will not engage them.

Your video should show the audience—instead of telling—the message you are trying to relay. A picture is worth a thousand words, so what is a video worth?