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Webcasting is live streaming or broadcasting over the internet which allows for the increase and expansion of viewing audiences for a variety of events where costs, geographic issues and telecommuting are a factor. Webcasting traffic is increasing year after year as it’s being tapped into more and more on a regular basis by small and large businesses, as well as community and national organizations as an affordable means for growth in untapped markets. Webcasting allows for full audio and video coverage online at any time.  A powerful communications and marketing tool, live webcasting can benefit virtually any business.

Here are a few key things Live Webcasting can do:

  • Reach employees, partners, customers, and investors
  • Afford audience savings in travel expenses
  • Be integrated and archived on websites
  • Allow businesses to tap into worldwide audiences
  • Allow organizations to tap into more broad entertainment resources
  • Spread awareness about your products and services

Webcasting is ideally suited for:

  • Weekly, Monthly or Annual Business Meetings
  • E-learning Sessions
  • Business Seminars / Webinars
  • Scientific, Technical & Medical Presentations
  • Concerts, Special Events & Shows
  • Grand Openings

Live webcasting technology allows for high-quality, live meeting and performance streams from literally any venue and allows the integration of multimedia presentations. Many companies have found that, in addition to many of the benefits above, utilizing webcasting technology increases employee productivity, connects and unifies satellite office staff and reduces environmental impact. Live Webcasting services can be arranged for a few or thousands of people.

JNL Media produces videos for small businesses, corporations, organizations and private clientele and delivers any format required, from DVD to digital for licensed distribution.