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If you need to set up a green screen and have never done it before, you are in luck. This is a complete overview of what you will need to do. Before you begin your green screen construction you must know what your home studio layout looks like as well as how big is the screen size you need. Knowing these two things will assure that you don’t make the green screen too small or too wide. You will need to get an idea of where you want your cameras positioned and how large your background area is. Here are some more important steps to making a green screen studio.

Gather Materials

First, gather all the necessary materials to build your green screen studio. Here are some of the materials and tools you will need:

    • A painted board or a blue or green cloth backdrop and stand.
    • Camera & Tripod
    • Lighting Kit
    • Audio Source
    • Editing Software

Setting up the Backdrop

You can do this one of two ways.  The first way involves constructing your green screen.  You will need to mount your board to the wall in your studio. You will use the bolts and the screwdriver but first, make sure there are no rough edges or bumps on the wall that could impact the production of your videos. If you notice that any part of the green screen’s paint is uneven, make sure you fix this before shooting. It could cause there to be a heavy shadow or unusual lighting.

The second and easier option is to purchase a green screen backdrop and stand to hang the backdrop from.

Camera and Lighting

3-2 Setting Up a Green ScreenOnce your camera and lighting are setup, you need to check to see if everything is working properly. Have someone stand in front of the green screen to make sure everything is lit properly. If there is any type of glare you will need to move your lighting until it disappears. You may also need to adjust your green screen.


Film some Footage

Now you can begin shooting some test footage. Once you are finished filming the green screen footage you can film your background image or use a still photo or graphic.

Combine Clips

You are now able to put both of these clips together through video production methods to mesh the two images together. With your chosen editing software open up your clip. Then, you are given the option to put them together and adjust the coloring.

Now you have your green screen studio to use at your disposal. Enjoy!