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A successful video project should be approached with a 3-step mindset even before any pre-production work begins. Most professional video companies will spend the time to thoroughly review the project and all aspects of it in order to properly plan and complete a well-done production. To achieve the best results, process is key. The following are three stages of business video production and include key points that should be considered during each stage.


  • Understanding the project, goals and target audience
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Scouting for viable locations,
  • Securing the most appropriate equipment needed
  • Engaging seasoned talent
  • Acquiring all legal releases and agreements
  • Determining the best shooting angles


  • Actual shooting
  • Capturing raw footage


  • Lining up shots
  • Rough editing
  • Selecting and integrating sound and music
  • Special effects
  • Ensuring picture and audio quality
  • Final editing
  • Final approval
  • Final master copy

Producing an effective business video can be a challenging experience and requires a wide range of skills and talent.