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Technology is changing the face of business at light speed. Mobile technology, in particular, has been a marketing game changer. Today in business, your company and brand should focus on being a media company, not in that it is your business, but that media regarding technology is how successful businesses are promoting and making sales.

Using any and all the media channels available to market your company, you can quickly become an expert in your field or niche. Consistency across all forms of media—and linking all media to each other—creates numerous sales funnel opportunities. Disseminating high-quality information across the media stream has the potential to reach millions and drive people who resonate with your message.

Whether you have a website, blog or Facebook business page, make one of them your command central and link it across the various mediums. You can offer promotions and create live webinars, which are then recorded and placed on YouTube. These, in turn, can be tweeted and the links placed in your social media portals.

Smartphone with cloud of iconsThe old standard of media and marketing didn’t allow for interaction with your customers as it was static without human interaction, but now there are tools—like Google Hangouts— that offer the opportunity for you to hold a live webinar and interact with clients. The power of this type of media is massive because now you can not only interact but engage customers in your business.

A business blog is another stream of marketing that breaks tradition. This is a place where you can recognize particular clients or events in your own business in a manner that is marketing but also is a provider of value and information that time-stressed people want. This, in turn, gives you an opportunity to become a leader in your field by attracting more clients.

Focusing your market with mobile technology in mind will allow for a wider reach. Graphics, the length of your message, inter-linking all make a difference when you consider your company as a media source. Society is communicating in 140 character tweets—and this is something valuable to remember when promoting your business. Use the existing technology to draw an audience to wider and more in-depth information on your business pages.

Marketing has always been a numbers game: the more people you touch, the more opportunity you have to make a sale. Media focus is the key to making your company known and to becoming an expert in your field. Once you have established your business across multiple media platforms, consistency with high-quality information will keep the customers coming. Marketing is no longer static media campaigns; it is an ever-changing malleable form of media that can be harnessed to increase business and interact with clients like never before.